Saturday, 24 July 2010

High finance, the High Cabal, has been running the Brotherhood of Light very secretly for over 1500 years. It has grown stronger.

From this cabal of the Roman Empire, fashioned again in Venice in 697AD, white slaving and currency manipulation in the Eastern Mediterranean arose. It became the ruthless mask of the Knights Templar, who invaded Europe and Britain in 1150AD. The red lodges that resulted from that period still exist today.

By the mid-16th century the Cabal was back again, this time smashing the monasteries, introducing slavery, large houses, currency manipulation and controlling the East India Company that held power over a fifth of the world's population.

So we trace here the Cabal's hoof prints into the still existing and unsolved Templar mysteries, into the Round Table, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission of today. And we review the world of central banking and the scientific frauds, such as Darwin's theories and the man-made global warming nonsense from the Club of Rome.

After reading this, there is no need to ask who started the American Civil War or Russian Revolution, melted the gold teeth from Auschwitz into the gold bars of the Bank of International Settlements as it resisted closure at Bretton Woods and moved towards World Bank. No need to ask who plans to move democracy into a commune of the oligarchy in which ALL but the bankers will be the peasants of a new political system called "Nazi-Communism".

This is the story of the High Cabal, Brotherhood of Light and Seven Churches of Asia. But it is also the hardheaded story of the European Union, who secretly designed it and what it really is. The Great European Secret remains secret until these words are read, and it is still The Invisible College; until good people ensure that it is otherwise.